About Our Products - Lettuce Salads

Garden Salad Mixed Salad
Garden Salad
The garden salad has a mix of hydroponic lettuce, carrot, radish, capsicum and celery. Comes in a family size 280g bowl.
Mixed Salad
A 120g mix of at least three different kinds of hydroponic lettuce.
Lunchpac Salad
A mix of hydroponic lettuce, carrot, radish, celery and capsicum in a single serve, 170g container.

Boxed Lettuce

We sell boxed lettuce to wholesalers in Christchurch. These wholesalers in turn supply boarding schools, hospitals, university hostels, restaurants, rest homes and cruise ships.

Gourmet Mix

Gourmet Mix of lettuce types available in resealable bags. Sizes available are 250g, 400g (pictured), plus 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg and 3kg bags.

Gourmet Mix 400g

Lettuce Types We Grow

  • Green Frill
  • Red Frill
  • Green Oak
  • Red Oak


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